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We don't like making life more complicated than it needs to be. We offer flat rates and give as much as we can in the process. 

Editing and Revising 

For up to 30,000 words 

1 read and edit $120

3 reads and edits $300


1 read and edit $180

3 reads and edits $425


1 read and edit $250

3 reads and edits $500

Please note that we are not nit picky about this, you pay for a read and edit and you will get it. We will read it and tell you everything; grammar, punctuation, plot issues, you name it and we are looking for it. 

Blogging and Reviews


We understand that exposure and reviews are a key element in selling work as an independent artist. And lucky for you we have a girl who loves to read and will tell you just what she thinks about it. 

Our prices include the following:

a full read through

an honest blog on our website

reviews on any sites you work with (Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads, ect)

3 Posts on our Instagram plus

1 professional photo taken for these posts 

(see our photography section for more options)

up to 30,000 words $80

30,000-60,000 $115

60,000-100,000+ $150

Logos, Covers, and Other Design


Cover Art $200

I will hand paint you a cover. And make it digital for your use. 
Logos (simple)
Logos (a little more than simple)
Logos (Lord help me complicated)
(all logos will be hand painted by yours truly)



So you want pretty Instagram pictures of your book but you totally suck at it?

1 photo $25

3 photos $60

5 Photos $90

Publishing and Formatting  

SO  So maybe all you want to do is write, and you want some other person making your stuff look good and selling it for you? We can do the boring stuff for you. 

We charge 30% and pay you 70% after costs, with a contract that allows you full rights to your work. We would sell your work on our site, Amazon, B&N, and all available expanded distribution.

We can format your eBook, put together your paperbacks, set up your copyrights... you know, all the crap you don't want to do. 

If you don't want a contract, because you want to keep all your profits for yourself (selfish) we offer A La Cart pricing as well.

Formatting only 

up to 30,000 words

Paper only $60

Ebook and paper $80


Paper only $90

Ebook and paper $120


Paper only $130

Ebook and paper $150

We also will design in-book illustrations for you. Price depends on amount of detail and number of illustrations.


Contact us with any questions.

'Be excellent to each other.'



Children's Books


I have illustrated one children's book and loved it so much I would totally do it for you too!!

Cover (front and back) $150

$75 per page