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Veranda Kuhar

HI! Im Veranda and this is my company:) I am a lover of art, and a business major. I have three little kids that wreck my home on a daily basis. I live in a small desert town called Ridgecrest in Southern California. It kind of sucks here, no joke its like 110 degrees outside today, its miserable. But I love my life and my family, and drawing, painting, reading and working make me happy. 

Professional Info


Most of my schooling is not in the arts. I am currently enrolled at Pennfoster in their Business Management program, and I have a certification in Human Resources. HOWEVER. I've been doing art all my life. My dream was to work for Disney as a character designer, but you know, dreams get crushed, and you get a regular boring job and have a few kids. What can you do? 

I have had several art classes. but I am mostly self taught. As are many of our artists here at Veranda Kuhar Studios. We are here because we love what we do. 

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