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                     Richard MacNeill

*  The Upside-down Fish - the Original!

*  Neverbug the Wanderer

*  Great White Buffalo

*  Waves and Woodsmoke 


Christian Sterling  

Throughout his life, this Rhode Island native has maintained a passionate interest for all facets of art including music, painting, and writing. He spent years in the music industry and major network television until focusing his creative abilities on his true passion, writing.


 * Death Row 



Marie McWilliams

Marie McWilliams is a writer from Ireland.  She graduated with a degree in psychology from Queens University in Belfast. When she isn't working or taking care of her young family, she spends time writing for her blog and working on her novels.

* Broken Mirrors 



Ryan Jones

Hi, my name is Ryan Jones and I am a Canadian book blogger, reviewer, and author. You’ll most likely find me surrounded in cozy blankets or sitting at a cafe reading and writing with a coffee by my side - you can never forget the coffee! The written word fills my soul and reading books helps me to shape my own writing techniques; my life is filled with the best of both worlds.

* Debute novel premieres September 2018 in the     

     U.S. and October in Canada!  


Frankie A. Lo Giudice


Mr. Frankie A. Lo Giudice was celebrating his daughter's birthday when we asked for a bio, so check out his instagram. 

Fraser Pringle

Hello, I’m Fraser Pringle! Born in British Columbia, but raised in Ontario. I’m currently attending school as a Police Foundations student. After this year, I’ll have graduated and hopefully moved to University for Criminology. I divide my time between reading and working on my book. 

I practically live at local coffee shops and keep odd hours to ensure I’m up when a creative burst hits!